“Without You” from The Rules of Attraction (2002)

https://vimeo.com/19808924!.?.!This scene from The Rules of Attraction(2002 )includes Theresa Wayman. Theresa was Shannyn’s real-life roommate at the time, and throughout my very first conference with Shannyn she suggested that Theresa play the girl who devotes self-destruction. Note: I am the supervisor of this movie, The Rules of Attraction(2002 ), and also this
clip is reasonable usage under U.S. copyright regulation due to the fact that it is (1 )non-commercial, (2 )transformative in nature,(3)utilizes no more of the initial work than essential for the video clip’s objective, as well as (4)does not contend with the original work and also could have no unfavorable affect on it’s market.

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