The Shadow Side of the Law of Attraction REVEALED (It’s time you know)

Once The Shadow Side of The Law of Attraction is REVEALED THERE’S NO GOING BACK. Most people are completely unaware of this side of The Law of Attraction. This video has the POWER to INSTANTLY transform your life.

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This video, I’m going to be sharing with you the shadow side of the law of attraction that no one tells you. Understanding more about this aspect, how dangerous it can be and how to transcend it.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now this video I’m going to be sharing with you that of the shadow side of the law of attraction. This is a very subtle thing that a lot of people aren’t aware of, and when you become aware of it, it changes the game. It changes the game.

You wanna know why changes the game because then you don’t come from this place of neediness, this place of the energy state from which you want what you want to create in your life. So a lot of times what we’ll realize too, let me first off, share with you a little bit of this.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about that, of the Toltecs. The Toltecs been around. We’re around thousands a long time ago. I don’t know exactly how long, but they talk a lot about, there’s a book called the four agreements that is based on some of the teachings of the Toltecs.

And it has to do with understanding that our reality is a dream. We all have our own individual dream. And our dream is what we create with our beliefs. And at the same time we have this collective dream, which is the accumulation of all the dreams of that, of society, of all the different people.

And what happens is many of us have our own dreams. We could even think of this as the dream of what we want to create in our life. And what many of us do is we tag on to other people’s dreams of people. We idolize people we look up to.

And the danger in this is that many of us may think that we want what we think we want, which is what we’re given as social conditioning. When we go out into the world, we see that of the, uh, we see that have the money, the cars, the clothes, the status, the power, all of these things that we think we need to want.

But we only want it because we’ve been conditioned to think that that’s what’s important. We’ve been conditioned to compare ourselves to other people. If we can get just a little bit ahead of everyone else, we can feel better about ourselves. And many of these desires are actually the desires of other people, of other celebrities, people.

We look up to, uh, media corporations. And what happens is then we take on the collective dreams as if they’re our own. And many times that will create a lot of unhappiness, a lot of unworthiness, a lot of dissatisfaction because we’re taking on the goal of the things that are side effects.

Now, what I mean by side effects is many people don’t get straight to their heart of what they want. And the shadow side is from when we’re going to just the mind. We’re going to the ego. Think of the shadow as part of the ego that wants things based on increasing his status, wants things based on increasing its level of self worth.

But understand that what we can begin to do is be aware of this. Now sometimes people will come to me and they’ll say, Aaron, I want to, uh, I want more money. I want to win the lottery and a dog on the lottery a lot. And that the reason being is because most people want the lottery to win the lottery for the wrong reasons.

They want the money the lottery brings, but they’re not really passionate about going and getting lottery numbers. 90% 99% of people aren’t really passionate about it. They’re just hoping that they can acquire all the money that comes with it. And many people will go straight to money. Many people do go straight to their money.

They’re doing the job they just don’t like, but it brings in the money for the bills and it’s comfortable. However, money is a side effect of you doing what you love or it’s a side effect of the value you bring. So when you start to look at these things in new ways, you can see that many times you made me chasing the wrong things.

You may be chasing money thinking the money’s going to bring you happiness when money won’t bring you happiness. Money is just a side effect. So instead of going for side effects, go for getting to the core, the shadow …

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